Pre Employee Verification

Employee Verification investigation is one of the necessary detail which every growing company wants and here is the best detective agency which will solve your employee verification investigation. Private Detective Agency India is one of the best detective agency for the employee verification in India. In Employee verification includes all the details which are related to their previous and the present office details, addresses, close friends. Employee verification is necessary because sometime the details of the employee on the resumes are not correct because of several reasons. 

Employee verification investigation is highly needed for the growing company for the best competition with other company. Private Detective Agency India is one the Delhi best investigation agency through which a kind of cases has been solved. Employee Verificationrelated to the certificates of the employee. Private Detective Agency India knows that any companies success totally depend on the employee work and the faith as the employee of the companies are the basis of every companies and if any crucial leaks then it can destroy any reputed companies at small period of time.

Private Detective Agency India provides the evidences and the proofs through confidential way. Star Detective always solves the employee verification within the given time. Our detective agency is in Delhi and also our many branches are all around the India.

Post Employment Verification

Similar to Pre Employment verifications, Post Employment verifications are also equally important for effective work environment. Our team has experts in handing employment verification services. Our sleuths investigate the information such as:

  • Undue usage of official infrastructure for personal purpose
  • Leaking confidential information
  • Loose talk
  • Irregular timings
  • Lack of professional behavior
  • Sexual harassment
  • Attitude
  • Ill reputation within the neighborhood

Our team of expert detectives provides post employment verification services through:

  • Doubt Clarification
  • As detective agencies for character report and verification, we provide detailed character profile of the Employee
  • Tracing Emails
  • Tracing official phones
  • Contact Checking
  • As a prominent detective agency for shadowing, we can arrange exclusive detective to shadow a targeted Person.





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