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TG Private Detectives is a professional detective agency. We provide detective services in the field of corporate and personal level. Our motto is to provide a high level detective service to our clients and to ensure profound and quality investigation service. We maintain full secrecy in our work and ensure to our clients that their secrecy will not be disclosed from our side. Our major motto is to make satisfied to our clients.

TG Private Detectives (P) Ltd. leaded by Mr.P.Kumar, who is also an investigator and also have a 15 years of experience in investigation field. Mr. P.Kumar is a well qualified and had done many investigation services himself.
Our Existence: From past a decade we are in this profession and serving to our clients in a best possible way. We provide detective services at PAN India level. Our register office is in Vizag, we provide Detective services in Vizag, We also have our network at worldwide level.

So, to help you in such situation detectives in Vizag are available who will help you to discover certain hidden facts about a suspicion person. These professional investigators are trained and experienced in using the techniques and skills to help their clients gather the information they are looking for.

We provide detective services in following fields:-
1. Personal Level: - In this modern era everyone has busy scheduled in one's life and not have time for others even not for their family also. This busy scheduled creates many problems in one's life. In personal level we provide detective services in following areas. We provide services in following field: - Pre-Matrimonial in Vizag, Post Matrimonial investigation in Vizag, Murder cases Detective in Vizag, Detective investigating adultery in Vizag.
To work and collect useful information we conduct enquiry and surveillance/follow up and provide a clear picture to our clients. We provide proofs in the form of videos/audios/photos/documentary which help them to take important decision.

2. Corporate Level: - In corporate level, to protect one's business from others the owner takes our services to investigate. IN corporate level we provide services in: - Infringement of Trademark and Copyright (IPR) detectives in Vizag, Brand protection detective in Vizag, Criminal Investigation detective in Vizag. We also conduct raids for corporate purpose.
TG Private Detectives, which you can trust. The intelligence and reports you need. It consists of a Detectives team of highly proficient & skilled private investigators in Vizag having specialized experience in different fields namely investigation, corporate espionage, covert operations for personal and organizations, asset verification, etc. Our specialization lies in client's satisfaction. It consists of a team of highly Proficiencies & Experienced Agents having specialized experience in different fields. They are expert of investigation, confidential verifications and inquiries for business, personal services, moveable and immoveable assets verification, corporate services including criminal investigation and consultancy into the affairs of custom, sales tax and income tax. Corporate espionage includes criminal investigation, legal consultancy and various other specific detective services in Vizag, which are undertaken by our team of experienced private detectives in India. Legal and specialized services are also being provided by our legal experts. Our agency provides solutions to clients honestly, quickly and cost effectively relating to our services. ( Detectives in Vizag )

So, it is always better to hire the services of private investigator in Vizag to conduct a background verification of the employees to ensure that the employees are the same they actually revealed and possess the same experienced mentioned in their resume. Moreover, before association with a new organization it is suggested to seek assistance of a private detective agency in Vizag to confirm the loyalty of the other organization. The private detectives in Vizag will do background checks to confirm the loyalty of the other organization with whom you are merging. So, before mergers you should seek their assistance.


The cost depends on the quality and quantity of manpower, technology and equipment to provide and above all the time for the task are required. Usually there is no rule of thumb to object to a mission, and they vary from case to case, depending primarily the costs of geographical, political, religious and costs associated risk factors. We will not charge any Consulting fee. But we will charge Rs.500/- at Costumer place.



P.Anand Kumar (MD)

Ph:  9000533708


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