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It is not uncommon to receive an anonymous email from a disgruntled and past employee. The mail usually speaks about the faulty administration, loopholes and existence of favouritism every email has an email header which contains IP address of the sender. We use this IP address to find out the sender's name and address. Apart from above, there are cases of misuse of resources and infiltration by a third party. We have a team which can detect such kind of activities we take pride in saying that other agencies outsource this task to us.
Technology rules the world today. It has facilitated human with luxurious living, faster transportation, communication etc. But the misuse of technology for personal gain is als a fact. Cyber Crime is one such invisible misuse of today's technology, and it is the latest and perhaps the most complicated problem in the world. In today's time many companies and individuals face substantial cyber threats ranging from online defamation, counterfeiting, copyright and trademark infringement, to online where collar crimes like extortion, robbery etc. In order to find out the culprit, and at the same time, protect the organization from being at the center of discussion, it is important to conduct a discreet investigation of the matter.

NDCC one of the most Professional and well equipped company in this field, they have a dedicated team of qualified professinals exclusively for Cyber Investigation, who have not only done wonders in the past in solving some critical Corporate Investigation but also saved the companies from huge loss.




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