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As corporate investigators in Hyderabad / India, we help corporate organizations in verifying their employees information, unearthing frauds and cheatings, conduct undercover operations, probe into patent, trademark, copyright infringements and so on. Corporate Investigation is a very wide term which includes both Internal and External Investigation such as Anti Management Activities, Manipulation of Accounts, Stealing important and confidential information etc.

External Investigation prevents criminal schemes originating outside the company, Formation of Unions and their activities against their management, loss of company assets through fraudulent billings of Products through suppliers, short supply inventory contracts, checking agents, distributors small & big , due diligence of Dealers, Suppliers, Vendors also become subject matter of investigation.

At times the competitors moves, mergers takeovers split territories are to be scanned. Talent Piracy from other corporate is also a matter of attention. Installing counter Espionage measures within the corporate and activating espionage system outside is also falls within the purview of Corporate Investigation. Security Deployment and review is also looked into. NDCC provides both methodology and manpower to accomplish this speciality.

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Post Employee Verification
Under Cover Detective
Copyright & Patent Solution
Spy Products
Cyber Crime Investigation
Handwriting Authentication
Mobile Phone Tracking Software
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